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  1. Anonymous 10 April, 2008 13:26

    This is great - how'd you do it?

  2. author 11 April, 2008 15:29

    how'd they do exactly what? embed content into IFrame?

    if so, you might like to search these terms: iframe html

  3. SHEilds 21 April, 2008 06:30

    I would really like to know how you managed to use iframes within Wordpress. I am using the latest version and it does not allow iframes when creating pages (not blogs). Are you using an older version of WP that allows I frames??

    If not could you could please point out where to edit the php and what code to insert, i'd be very greatful.


  4. author 22 April, 2008 00:14

    hi sheilds,

    this not WordPress, this is Blogger.

    you can't embed IFrames on wordpress.com hosted blog at all.

    however, if you run a self-hosted wp blog, then you might entertain to post your question into wp.org support forums.